The gang's all here this Monday to look back at the Pentecost liturgies of the past weekend and there's a LOT to talk about!  We cover both the the liturgies of Pentecost Vigil and Day and even have a little time left to talk about technology and the New Evangelization. Fill up that oversized cup of whatever and join us for another chock full podcast!  

Check out the lovely video here.

Honorable Mentions

CatholicTV is the Archdiocese of Boston's gift to the New Evangelization. Fr. Robert Reed and his cast of hundreds bring quality Catholic information, education and prayer to homes across the country on cable and around the world through their newly revamped website. It's ALL for YOU - go check them out!

The "Blinks" we were discussing on CatholicTV are 10 Things We Want You to Know About the Catholic Church from friend of the podcast Bishop Christopher Coyne and Sharing the Faith on Social Media from another friend of the podcast Allison Gingras.  

For more the Sacraments 101 and 201 series of short videos mosey over to visit the folks at Busted Halo. They've got lots of other cool stuff for young adults and the young at heart. Here's a short clip that explains their mission.

Last, but not least, here are a few of the musical selections we discussed on the podcast:

Celtic Alleluia: Sending Forth by Christopher Walker and Fintan O'Carroll (OCP)

The Eyes and Hands of Christ by Tom Kendzia (OCP)

Can You Hear Me Now? by Fr. Francis Patrick O'Brien (GIA) - that's one of our segment segues 

AuthorJoanne Mercier