The ladies of the podcast are in rare form this week as they look back on the Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ (way too long a name!). Grab of cuppa your favorite beverage and join them as they discuss processions, sequences and just when was the 750th anniversary of this past weekend's feast.  We also ponder the Pope's latest pronouncement and welcome New England's newest bishop. 

We're really looking for your feedback on anything we discuss AND we'd love to know what YOUR priests are saying in their weekend homilies.  Drop us a line at OR find us at our NEW PAGE at OR call the feedback line at 774-955-0659. Do it today! 

See us in living color here!

Honorable Mentions

Lauda, Sion, Salvatorem by Fr. Michael Joncas is a modern setting of the Corpus Christi sequence - check it out for next year!

Pat Padley's blog is chock full of useful tech stuff, along with faith and life issues and just about everything else. You don't have to be a young Catholic adult to enjoy it so go take a look!

Fr. Roger Landry of the Diocese of Fall River has his own blog that serves as a portal for both his homilies and written articles.  Heady stuff sometimes (he is a Harvard grad) but well worth a look.

Those crazy kids at Busted Halo have some of the best instructional videos going. Take a look at the two we discussed this week --> Sacraments 101 and 201

If you want to prepare for next week's scripture readings, then check out Linda's husband's excellent blog --> Hearing the Word





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