Two sets of scriptures (Ascension and Easter 7) plus only two panelists (Joanne and Linda) equals one very stuffed to the gills podcast!  Along with our expanded scripture edition, the gals also get around to discussing the upcoming Pentecost celebrations and some new exciting positions opening up in church ministry. Joanne closes out the episode by answering the 2014 Catholic Media Promotion Day question - "What in Catholic Media has had an impact on me during the past year?"  Can you guess how she answered THAT question? ;)

Grab your cup/mug/glass of whatever and join us!

Those of you who prefer video can go over to our YouTube page.

And a HUGE THANK YOU to Capt. Jeff and the good folks over at the CATHOLIC WEEKEND podcast for selecting us as one of their picks of the week for their 5/31/14 episode.  We are humbled and honored that you chose to single us out and very grateful for the bump in traffic. Hopefully our small army of viewers/listeners (all 12 of them) will now mosey on over to your host,, and check out not only your show but all the others as well! 

Honorable Mentions

The always delightful The Catholics Next Door (aka Greg & Jennifer Willits) have a great site as part of their ongoing efforts at - go check them out at tell them "Joanne from Rhode Island" sent you!

If you want to look at the Pentecost Vigil liturgy and readings check out this article from Pastoral Liturgy and see the actual text from - and my apologies for stating that there are 7 OT readings like the Easter Vigil because there are only 4. Even if your parish chooses not to do all of them, my suggestion would be to choose a different one each year so all four get used. FWIW

AuthorJoanne Mercier