After having a rough time getting the panel together to record...and then having them drop off one-by-one...we managed to put together a worthy podcast that broke open the Easter 5 scriptures, ushered in a new segment on technology in ministry and answered the age old question "should the Easter flowers be refreshed during the season?"  Grab your favorite cup, fill it with the beverage of your choice, and join us for another entertaining episode.

Click here if you'd like to watch the video.

Honorable Mentions:

Of course, stopping by Fr. Robert Baron's website or Bishop Christopher Coyne's blog are always a sure bet for thought provoking musings.

These are the apps we talked about on the episode - they can be downloaded at iTunes for those of you with iDevices:

Griffin iTalk -- RecorderPro -- and if you want to try broadcasting your own thoughts, give AudioBoo a try. 

AuthorJoanne Mercier