We've reached the halfway point in Lent - have you been keeping up with your Lenten sacrifices? Never to late to start again! Anyway, the gang is back together this week and talking about blindness, Parish Missions and dancing Christians - and trying to keep the train on the tracks for most of the show.  Pull up a comfy chair, grab a cup and join us!

Remember - next week's show is the last of our weekly hour get-togethers until the last weekend in April.  We will be posting 5 "mini-casts" from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday that will help to explain our most important rituals for Holy Week and Triduum.  We hope they will bring about a better understanding of these once-a-year liturgies so please give them a listen as you run to and from church! They will be in audio form only so make sure your subscribe to the podcast through iTunes. 

For this week's video click here.

Honorable Mentions:

If you would like to hear Rev. Timothy Reilly's Mission talks at St. Theresa and St. Christopher Parishes this link will take you to our webpage. 

Here's the post Steve was referring to as we were wrapping up the show. Send us your take on it and we'll discuss it next week!

When we locate the publishers of the books we mentioned in the podcast we will post them here. Thank you for your patience.

AuthorJoanne Mercier