While Steve extends his hiatus a few more weeks (projected return 1/14/15), the girls get together this week even though 2 of them are a bit under the weather (Linda's on her 3rd week and Nancy's on her 4th). Nevertheless, Joanne is just happy to have both of them back - no matter what condition they are in - to discuss the homilies for the Feast of the Holy Family, feasts within the Octave of Christmas, and what the Pope said last week ("existential schizophrenia, anyone?). Pull up a comfy chair, grab a cup of seasonal grog and join in on the fun - and count the coughs along the way!

We had feedback from both old and new sources this week and we thank you for helping us craft the episode. If YOU would like to contribute to next week's show prep here's how you can do it:

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Let us know how your Christmas season is going or respond to something you saw on our Facebook page or bring up an entirely new topic! Your feedback make our show and helps us focus on what YOU are interested in so keep on sending it! As always, thanks for listening, watching and sharing. We appreciate your spending some time with us each week.

Speaking of feedback we received two pieces this past week that were a bit long for the podcast but we figured out a way for you to read them:

1) Here's the link for the Christmas Homily from the Bishop of Yakima, WA

2) Here's the link to the Christmas Poem that Earl from New Orleans sent us as feedback for the 4th Sunday of Advent

AuthorJoanne Mercier