Another all women panel for this episode (come back, Stephen! We promise to behave...) but with Nancy away, Linda and Joanne sit down with friend-of-the-podcast Allison Gingras and get real about being joyful train wrecks. They also discuss the Gaudete Sunday (otherwise known as the 3rd Sunday of Advent) reading and homilies, FROZEN parodies and all the great projects Allison has going on these days. Grab your cup of seasonal beverage (or pass the eggnog) and rejoice as Advent is halfway done. Enjoy!

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Honorable Mentions

Allison has a lot going on these days. First and foremost you can always find her on her own website. She can also be heard on her current weekly radio show Catholic 24/7 and then on her NEW daily show A SEEKING HEART WITH ALLISON GINGRAS which launches on January 5th (the link takes you to the Real Life Radio hosts page - her show doesn't have its own page yet). Finally, her new app WORDS WITH MARY should be available by February 2015 on iTunes. You go, girl! God has truly blessed you with many gifts to share and you are doing just that. Congrats on the new endeavors.

AuthorJoanne Mercier