As an early snow fell in our neck of the woods, the entire panel came together to share and remember the scriptures and homilies of the Commemoration of all the Faithful Departed (otherwise known as All Souls Day).  However, in their usual fashion, they strayed into other somewhat connected topics such as tithing, new tech podcasts, and, thankfully, some feedback from a faithful listener - all while trying to stay within an hour time limit.  Did they succeed? Get comfy, grab your favorite cup and join us to find out!

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Honorable Mentions

There is a new podcast on the horizon from SQPN (the Star Quest Production Network) entitled Tech to the Future.  As of this post it hasn't been released yet but Joanne did watch the recording of Episode 1 and it looks very promising.  If you're a tech-head like her, you just might enjoy it so be on the lookout for it!

Joanne's shoutout to Greg and Jennifer Willits, aka The Catholics Next Door will hopefully spur some of you to go check out their podcast.  If you want to hear real Catholics talk about their real life struggles with humor and courage then their podcast is for you.  Check them out and tell them Joanne from Rhode Island sent you!

AuthorJoanne Mercier