One of the most quoted lines of scripture is highlighted in this past weekend's gospel and the MMC panel share how their homilists "rendered (or repaid) unto Caesar what is Caesar's..." They also rejoiced at the beatification of Pope Paul VI and shook their collective heads at all the hoopla surrounding the just concluded synod.  Throw in a little political jibber jabber for good measure and you have yet another thought provoking and timely podcast -- so fill your cup to the brim and join us!

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Honorable Mentions

You can read for yourself the preliminary writings of the synod here and remember, this is a WORKING PAPER that won't be finished until the Fall of 2015. Let's let the Holy Spirit work this one out...

For those of you who are liturgical nerds like Joanne then you might like to check out the program for the Beatification of Pope Paul VI - and yes, there is an english translation that accompanies the rites. Enjoy!

Finally, here's some information on the Mayor of Houston's attempt to bend the separation between Church and State. All we can say is "wow"

AuthorJoanne Mercier