Ah, yes...the demon tech gremlins were out in full force for this week's podcast. Between Google+ having its own share of angst (from missing lower thirds to wonky camera switches) and Joanne's sound cart playing a disappearing act with some key clips, the gang held the episode together and didn't run too far off the rails. Thanks be to God! Don't forget to grab your favorite cup of whatever and come along as we discuss persistent women, holydays of opportunity, media manipulation and...wait for it...OUR VERY FIRST VOICE FEEDBACK!


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Important programing note! 

We will not be recording our regular weekly format for posting on Monday, September 1st (Labor Day) but will be issuing a special episode on Catholic Weddings. If you have any stories, comments or insights you'd like to share and have included in the discussion, please send them along to us as soon as possible.  Please use either our email address -- mondaymorningcatholic@gmail.com or call us (maybe) at the voice feedback line -- 774-955-0659.  

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What a wacky podcast we had this week -- which sort of capped off the wacky weekend some of us had in real life! Between fighting dogs, crashing internets, and audio problems Joanne had to fix in post production we're surprised we had as great a discussion as we did with all four panelists!  Grab your favorite beverage and listen in as we discuss listening for God in all the right places, why Catholics aren't getting married in church anymore, and how to get all that music home from a convention.  Then YOU can join the discussion by sending up some FEEDBACK!!! Here's were we can be reached:

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Thanks and enjoy!

Honorable Mentions

Steve shared that the missionary who spoke at his Church this weekend was from UNBOUND (formerly CFCA). It's also an organization that Joanne has supported for years.  Go check them out and, if you can, think about sponsoring a child or an elder.  

The wedding discussion we got into was brought to our attention on the PrayTell BlogGo read the original post and comments and them come back here or to our Facebook page and add your point of view to the discussion.  

Be on the lookout for the new podcast entitled Padre's Corner from the folks at twit.tv - could be a winner!

Also, if you haven't already done so, take a look at the 2.0 version of the CatholicTV app. Always good stuff from Fr. Reed and Co.

And, of course, please go check out the great folks at Catholic Weekend who have been great in helping get the word out about our little podcast.  They have a fun-filled weekly train wreck...err...podcast that is chocked full of great info so do us a favor to repay their kindness by giving them a listen or a watch, OK?  You'll be glad you did!!

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Linda and Joanne welcome back Allison Gingras (Reconciled to You Ministries) for some spirited discussions on this past weekend's readings and homilies.  Listen/watch as they talk about a wealth of scripture passages for the 18th Ordinary Sunday, Bishop Coyne's new online musings, that pesky Sign of Peace and the need for FEEDBACK!!!  Grab your favorite cup (since Joanne forgot hers this week), sit back and enjoy this week's offering -- and SEND US FEEDBACK!!!

Honorable Mentions

Fr. Robert Baron...need we say more?

Bishop Christopher Coyne...check out his new musings and encourage him to keep it going after his vacation!

Fr. James Martin and The Jesuit Post will help you find you Inner Iggy!

CatholicTV's new app will be out this week. While we'll be checking it out for next week's episode,  go ahead and do so yourself...if you DARE!  ;)


***Programming note:  We will be taking a week off from recording at the end of August.  Let us know if you would like a "best of the podcast episode" OR if you think the other 3 should fly without the techie at the helm OR if we should just go dark.  You decide!



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When Linda and Joanne are the only panelists on the podcast they are NEVER at a loss for topics to discuss. BUT - they both heard the same homily from a visiting missionary this weekend so they branch out a bit and get into talking about the virtues of praying for wisdom, the Pope becoming a "cafeteria Catholic" and Joanne's best concert experience EVER! Grab that cup and settle in to see how they do. 

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Honorable Mentions

Here are the articles we discussed on the podcast this week:

And, as always, Fr. Robert Baron's WORD ON FIRE website is never shy of wisdom.

The "3 Amigos" are back from their convention adventures in St. Louis so, along with Joanne's announcement of a new ministry position, it's a wonder we were able to discuss the past weekend's scriptures at all! Yes, the episode is on the long side and if you're not a pastoral musician you may not want to listen all the away to the end so grab a cup and listen/watch a little or a lot to this week's podcast. Enjoy!

Honorable Mentions

If you haven't already seen our special series from the NPM Convention then scroll back down and give them a look! You'll be glad you did... =)

If you want to check out the convention app for yourself click here. We believe this type of app will be of great use to a wider audience so if you group would like something like it, contact Peter Brockmann at Digital Hermosa (and tell him Monday Morning Catholic sent you!). 

AuthorJoanne Mercier

Well, kids, this is the final installment of our special podcast series from the annual National Association of Pastoral Musicians convention in St. Louis, MO.  We hopefully saved the best for last as our "3 Amigos" caught up with Dan Schutte, Marty Haugen, and Fr. Michael Joncas for our final interviews. Grab that cup of whatever and take a listen or look at what these three prolific composers of liturgical music have to say.  We'll have a complete wrap up of convention news and our usual weekly scripture/homiletic offerings on our regularly scheduled podcast. Enjoy!

***1000 points and a podcast shout out to the first person who can identify what song lyrics I've used from this year's Pastoral Musician of the Year recipient for all 4 episode titles. Leave guesses in comment box or at our Facebook page (and while you're there, please LIKE us if you already haven't).  

You can find this podcast's interviewees on the Internet at the following sites:

Dan Schutte has his own web presence along with his catalogue of music and his new collection TO PRAISE YOU found at OCP

Marty Haugen's music has always been a staple at GIA for both Catholic and Protestant communities.

And it would seem that every publisher has Fr. Michael Joncas compositions in their collections! Check them out - GIA // OCP // WLP


AuthorJoanne Mercier

It's an all Rhode Islander podcast as the "3 Amigos" sit down with our talented RI composer at the NPM Convention in St. Louis.  We're grateful that they could take time from their hectic convention pace to chat about their diverse musical styles and ministries.  Grab your cup, fill it up and watch or listen to RI's own! 


You can find this podcast's interviewees on the Internet at the following sites:

Tom Kendzia - OCP - Christ the King Parish, Kingston, RI 

Gael Berberick - OCP - St. Barnabas Parish, Portsmouth, RI

Silvio Cuellar - St. Patrick's Parish, Providence, RI (sorry I got the wrong one on film - I TOLD you I'd be corrected...) and the link to the Hispanic Musician's Conference in October

AuthorJoanne Mercier

Another day...another set of interviews LIVE (on film) from the 2014 NPM Convention in St. Louis, MO! The gals seem to be getting it done but we have yet to hear from our male "correspondent" - wonder what HE's been up to... ;)  Two of these three gentlemen are will known in liturgical music circles and the third one is the person responsible for saving trees and helping to lighten the load of convention attendees.  Grab your favorite cup of whatever and enjoy!

You can find today's guests on the internet at these sites:

The Sunday Website of St. Louis University - Fr. John Foley, SJ

Digital Hermosa - NPM Convention app's creator Peter Brockmann

Communion Antiphons (OCP) - Christopher Walker

AuthorJoanne Mercier